Limited editions are about moments of inspiration! New ingredients, new collaborators or even a specific event (as with our ‘Lockdown tablette’).
We’ve done local ale ganaches, different gin combinations, gallery boxes around chocolate events such as Valentines or Mothers Day and Christmas classics such as dipped orange or pudding truffles.
Crafted by hand, bursting with flavour and boldly decorated. No two chocolates will ever be the same….

Our Gallery boxes come in a number of different disguises. From our Original Gallery, featuring 6 classic fillings to our Speciality Galleries featuring local Sparkling Wines and artisan Gin.

The Original Gallery includes our best selling Salted Caramel & Honeycomb, Orange Confit, Coffee & Cocoa Nib Cup, Ginger Caramel Crunch, Almond Paste and our Double Toasted Coconut. Each chocolate is moulded, filled, sealed and decorated. All by hand and in small batches.

Our Speciality Galleries feature some award winning local English Sparkling Wines and small batch distilled Gin. Carefully blended into an indulgent ganache before being piped, hand dipped one at a time and decorated.

We also develop limited edition batches of Gallery boxes throughout the year, so look out for more options around Christmas, Valentines and Mothers Day.

Our truffles start with 3 main ingredients – the finest chocolate, fresh double cream and butter. We blend these into a silky smooth ganache before piping, dipping each one by hand and decorating.

Our Fresh Cream Truffles are made with a rich dark chocolate before being hand dipped, one by one in either milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Sometimes we add a little burst of flavour in the decoration, sometimes we pipe with a contrasting chocolate. Simple indulgence.

We also add a few very select ingredients (and sometimes take them away!) to our truffle recipe to come up with some alternative taste sensations.

Our Espresso Truffles feature a freshly brewed shot of espresso, made from locally roasted beans. By contrast we replace the cream and butter with pure mineral water from the South Downs to make our Dairy Free truffles.

We also develop seasonal truffles throughout the year, so to find out more please visit our online shop, follow us on social media or get in touch.

With a wide range of fillings and flavours and now 2 different sizes, our Tablettes are ideal as a little gift or as a truly indulgent treat for one.

Our original small Tablettes are moulded in either dark or milk chocolate before being piped with a smooth flavoured filling. Sometimes we add extra ingredients such as orange confit, toasted coconut or honeycomb, before sealing with more chocolate and decorating by hand.

We also work with some amazing, award winning local breweries to blend carefully selected ales into our chocolate ganache which also then feature in our Tablette range.

Our larger Tablettes are all solid chocolate, ready to be snapped into 24 pieces. Sometimes we generously top each one with a taste sensation such as a whole roasted coffee bean or firey ginger pieces. Sometimes we infuse the chocolate with our favourite flavours such as pure peppermint oil or red chilli & lime leaf. And just occasionally we leave it exactly as the bean intended with our 80% and 100% pure chocolate Tablettes.

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