Edgcumbes Coffee Bean Large Tablette



Perhaps the ultimate and most pure chocolate and coffee combination. Whole roasted Brazilian coffee beans from Edgcumbes generously sprinkled on top of rich dark chocolate. Smooth yet crunchy at the same time.

The shelf life on this Tablette will typically be 4-6 months from receipt.


Allergens: SOYA. Made in an environment where NUTS are present.

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Coffee and Chocolate, they complement each other so perfectly. What’s more you deserve to be able to enjoy them both in a single bite! When we decided to make a our coffee bean chocolate tablette we needed to source the best, freshly roasted coffee that Sussex had to offer.

Say hello to Edgcumbes

Edgcumbes are a family business and we think they produce the some of the finest roasted beans on the planet.

We wanted a bean with a kick but not a knock-out. So we take their fresh roasted Brazilian coffee beans and generously sprinkled them on top of each rich dark chocolate Tablette. Our aim is to get beans on every bite!

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