A look back at 2023

As we wave goodbye to another year in chocolate I wanted to say a huge thankyou to everyone who has trusted me with their chocolate needs throughout 2023!

It's been a challenging year, but we've won new customers, launched new Masterclasses, new products and new designs. On top of all this I'm always blown away by the unwavering support from all of you. 

We've teamed up with some brilliant new fellow Artisans, from Gin to Coffee, Marzipan to Spiced Rum. I get such a kick out of working with others to create totally unique chocolate products. Plus it's like having a network of small business advisors, people to bounce ideas off of! We all face the same challenges so their support and advice is invaluable.   


Amidst all the challenges of rising prices and a constantly shifting market, I was over the moon to pick up my 3rd Great Taste award in September for my Mineral Water Truffles! The year was topped of by a customer emailing me on Christmas Day to let me know that my Sparkling Wine Truffles were quite literally her most favourite thing! 

I'm sure 2024 is going to come with a new set of challenges but really hope that the amazing support from customers far and wide continues and for my part I'll certainly continue to create award-winning, small batch, handcrafted chocolates, truffles and tablettes! 

Thank you for making 2023 extraordinary. 


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