Our Story

Who hasn’t dreamt of spending their days melting, moulding and creating delicious chocolate rather than hearing it drop from an office vending machine. We’re cautious types though so rather than jump feet first into the melting pot we took our time, built a dedicated chocolate kitchen and set about learning how to be chocolatiers.

It was our friends who suffered most in the early days. They had to eat their way through tons of truffles, bags of bars and quite literally boxes of boxes but we all made it through and we can’t thank them enough for all their help, advice, support and patience.

We’re absolutely thrilled with the way the business is evolving and remain convinced that focusing on our customers, sticking to small batch production to ensure absolute freshness and collaborating with other like-minded local food producers is the way forward.

So a huge thank you to everyone who has trusted us to fulfil their chocolate cravings since 2015 and we hope to continue to do so for a very long time to come!